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Bedroom for boys Doimo CityLine composition New 140

The composition provides 140 NEW: white cabinet with functional terminal, handles Stone medium and small laccabili in applications like Stone in small mirror, medium and large, a padded chair Joy in anthracite fabric. The headboards are made from Foster panels suspended from the wall, and in the foreground you see the nightstand Zeta.

Personality for sale

Is inspired by the Nordic style bedroom NEW 140 Doimo Cytiline, made instantly recognizable by the colors: white, cocoa, copper. The composition can be enriched by the Oslo ottoman, combining practicality and comfort. Like all the rooms for boys dallazienda proposals, this one knows food creativity and helps develop a spirit that is original and unconventional at the right point. And then it never goes out of fashion, because it stands out. Why has so much personality to spare.


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