Children's Rooms

  • room boys

Bedroom for boys Doimo CityLine composition New 141

The composition provides 141 NEW: wardrobe with hinged doors, deck with 3 wall hanging with hinged doors, single upholstered bed Amadeus, a Golden bedside table 60 cm, a modular double-sided bookcase Over, a desk with Sax tube leg, two Magic, two chairs pouf Oslo.

The space has value

Amber, Tyrrhenian, aloe, barley, magnolia: these are the colors of the room New 141, which thanks to the library Over divides harmoniously the bedroom dallarea study. Functionality, of course. But also unestrema attention to aesthetics. The muted shades, used to color combinations, are combined with the rigor of the elements and the smooth shapes of the upholstered bed Amadeus. As in the tradition of Doimo Cityline, also characterized by News 141 spaces shown at their best.


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