Bath tub

Bath, care beb

The bath complete changing the bedrooms Early Childhood Doimo Cityline. All models are equipped with 4 wheels, to facilitate any possible move, and a white mat and washable. With a simple gesture, This latter is raised and thanks to appropriate security hinges appears the pan to play in all tranquility of daily operations for beb alligiene. The drain for the water further raises the level of comfort. Bathtime Doimo Cityline not only synonymous with extreme functionality but also of great aesthetic. Made with soft pastel colors, with attention to every detail, it enhances the decor of the room helping to create a cozy atmosphere and relaxing. The customer can also choose from different drawers and pull and that it be fully autonomous way the number and arrangement. The materials are always the first choice, the product guaranteed and manufactured entirely in Italy.
Luna: a collection of bedrooms created by Doimo Cityline to offer the best in both quality and aesthetic. The bath takes up little space, but also an expression of the utmost comfort and practicality.
Three soft teddy bears protagonists of bedroom Honey proposed by Doimo Cityline. The sweet companions of beb also decorate the baby bath, useful to mothers, to make more cheerful time daily delligiene.
Teddy lorsetto child friendly which gives its name to this special collection of early childhood Doimo City Line. Bathtime attention to every detail to ensure maximum comfort to the small and to his mother.
Pastel tones combined with white, welcoming forms characterize the collection early childhood heart and therefore the bath, perfect combination of utility and comfort. A proposal 10 and praise.