Children's rooms

Children's Rooms
The child's bedroom created and produced by Doimo Cityline are numerous. Because the goal is to satisfy every request and requirement. From the most discreet to the most vivid, the quality remains the same that joins a structural completeness of which is confirmed every day.
for bedroom closets
In the realization of the cupboards for children's rooms Doimo Cityline nothing left to chance. The structure can accommodate the wardrobe and all personal belongings of the young people, allowing you to maintain the environment in order and at the same time preserving unimmagine appealing.
beds for children rooms
The beds for children rooms designed and manufactured by Doimo Cityline are ideal for people who understand the importance of creating an atmosphere serene and cozy during the early years of children's lives. The different models meet every need and always-filled structure of a total quality.
Bedrooms bridge
In a deck of Doimo Cityline bedrooms organized space so you can do everything in the best way: to study, sleep, relax, play. The elements that compose them are qualitatively reliable and also original, which often focus on trasformabilit and versatility.
Desks for bedroom
Wide and versatile selection of signed for bedroom Doimo Cityline desks that are able to adapt to any space, even in the case where the size is reduced. Wide shelves or desks estraibilii: ergonomics, solid and safe materials, careful design for desks of our children.
libraries for children rooms
The libraries for children's rooms, they perform a containing function-filled dellefficacia and solidity. At the same time they represent an important element in defining the style chosen for the decor. Doimo Cityline fielding an offer varied and versatile.