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Bedrooms bridge

If in the room needs to make the most of the available space, the bridge solutions prove the ideal choice. Cabinets with hinged doors and customized with equipment and accessories, wall hanging, libraries of all types and sizes, beds with drawers and even folding beds, desks and chairs: the bridge bedrooms and proposals made by Doimo Cityline are complete with everything which serves to accommodate the needs of children with punctuality and follow their path of growth. Extend along a single wall or have a structure at an angle, in any case leave the necessary freedom of movement and ensure the practicality that in the room of the children always indispensable. They are colorful, cheerful, comfortable. And you can also operate in the name of customization, by changing the composition proposed in the catalog according to the available space and also to their desires. Dallimmagine the concrete reality pace becomes short due to a specific project, innovative solutions and always top quality materials.
bedrooms bridge
The new bridge bedroom Citynews 141 combines in a unique environment space to sleep, study and play. A proposal that allows you to have a complete room of everything and in a little more than three and a half meters of space.
bedrooms bridge
Citynews 151, a bridge room in which to grow while having fun. Playing makes children grow calm. And in room 151 organized space in order to give them a great freedom of movement.
bedrooms bridge
The modular bedroom Doimo Cityline consists of a linear bridge and a geometric design decorates the wall, creating special effects, while ensuring maximum quality and solidity.