Convertible beds

convertible beds

Why buy a crib for the bedroom and then, when the child grows, a real bed? The double expense you can avoid thanks to the transformable beds Early Childhood products by Doimo Cityline, arriving to a length of 200 m: there needs no additional element, simply remove the sides and open the folding headboards. The network, therefore, positioned according to two different heights. All furniture, belonging to their collections and so diversified in color and finishes are made of melamine and using only E1 panels with low formaldehyde emission. They comply with the emission standards as they built with materials that respect the environment: care of the details and aim for the highest quality also means that. Comfortable, beautiful, characterized by a style that manages to put all agree, the transformable beds of Doimo Cityline are guaranteed ten years.
Gulls bedroom with crib Doimo Cityline, designed and built to follow the child at every stage of growth, from 0 to 15 years. All the elements, wood, are strictly produced in Italy to ensure the highest quality.
Gulls bedroom with bed Doimo Cityline, which can also - and easily - becoming cot or bed length of 200 cm. The proposal includes a number of optional accessories and additional components.
Gulls bedroom with double 200 cm Doimo Cityline: suitable up to 15 years of age or so. In a few minutes it turns into the cradle and even in bed, a product designed to grow with your child.
Quadrifoglio bedroom with bed Doimo Cityline, that with a few simple gestures turns into a bed for kids and adults. A product created to accompany the child in the growth process.
Quadrifoglio bedroom with double Cielo Doimo Cityline 200 cm, here in the White version and Heaven. Handles and feet are colored Tortora. A refined design for a very special environment.
Quadrifoglio bedroom with double Powder Doimo Cityline, perfect for the room of girls and girls. Yes, because this bed designed to grow with them, guaranteeing maximum comfort.
Winnie The Pooh bedroom with double Doimo Cityline 200 cm: composition dedicated allorsetto most loved by children, designed to ensure the highest comfort and characterized by a remarkable aesthetic.