The first month, the first years of life are critical for every child. Fundamental to both the formation of the personality that for the construction of the right balances. That's why the room takes on a leading role and seems decisive in this regard. Knows Doimo Cityline, that it always takes great importance in creating environments nothing left to chance. The sunbeds Early Childhood have the headboard and footboard in melamine and are complete with net and unidirectional wheels optionally applicable. Some models are enriched by a practical pull-out drawer. You can also have a textile kit including bumpers, pillow and duvet cover with cotton wool insert. The finishes are different, the customer can choose the one that most reflects their own tastes and, in some way, the personality of the child itself.
Beb bedroom poolside with sun Cloud Line Doimo Cityline. As each element of the Doimo collection, even the bed was made thinking about the safety of the child and the parents peace of mind.
Bedroom Beb on board with bed Dream Line Doimo Cityline. A nice bed, attention to detail and the more resistant and safe, able to guarantee peace of mind to the child and reassure parents too.
Luna's bedroom with cot and Bud White Doimo Cityline. A modern bed that ensures maximum comfort and even safety. A choice that puts agree the small and her parents.
Luna's bedroom with bed and Larch White Doimo Cityline, designed to accommodate the baby during the first months of life. network complete with slats, drawer and removable unidirectional wheels.
Luna's bedroom with cot Orange and White Doimo Cityline: early childhood, here is a modern and attractive design solution and at the same time based on precise and tested safety parameters.
Luna's bedroom with cot and White Cyclamen Doimo Cityline. A cot conquering the girls, especially the most romantic, and even parents. A product that stands for safety and quality.
Honey bedroom with cot Life Line Doimo Cityline. A beautiful and convertible couch that accompanies the child in the growth process, ensuring high safety standards and the most comfort.
Honey Honey bedroom with bed Doimo Cityline, characterized by the headboard and footboard in lacquered MDF, complete with net and detachable wheels. Lestetica and quality go hand in hand. As always.
White and pastel tones characterized the Heart collection of Doimo Cityline, giving brightness allambiente and creating warm atmospheres. The couch Love Line beautiful, welcoming and suitable for all tastes.
rounded shapes and romantic, furniture surfaces such as fabrics with florealistampati reasons lilac color: these are the characteristics of the Heart collection. And so the magnificent flower bed.
Lorsetto Teddy that the name of this collection of early childhood Doimo Cityline also appears on the headboard of the bed bringing a wave of joy and tenderness. A comfortable bed and great quality.
A collection infancy which takes its name from the flower symbol of love: the tulip. A room that, of love, really full until the last centimeter. And the bed? A magical and cozy nest for your baby.
It belongs to the collection early childhood Beb board also bed Dream Line: a name that already says it all. A name that summarizes the primary goal of this proposal.
beds for children rooms
Seagulls a quick change room, which grows with the child, adapting well to its physical characteristics. The bed Gulls undoubtedly the highlight of the collection.
beds for children rooms
With Doimo Cityline practicality become synonymous with great aesthetic effect: the two values u200bu200bare placed on the same level with the security. The cot Luna in the demonstration.