Beds, the rest of design and comfort

The beds of Doimo Cityline are the protagonists of the sleeping area. An atmosphere of elegance and style wraps the environment thanks to the many proposed models that describe the design in its infinite and fascinating forms. Upholstered headboards and soft provided for those who like a wraparound comfort, or by extremely clean lines for those who prefer a minimalist style. All beds are designed to blend harmoniously into the most intimate room of the house, devoted to rest, and to organize the Wergeland space functionality. A wide range of finishes and colors available, to customize the sleeping area in all its details.
The bed Design Doimo Cityline ready to conquer the lovers of elegance essential. Of minimal forms, which are able to give personality to the whole environment. The bed design here, to be experienced in full relaxation.
A modern bed, a hymn to comfort, the guarantee of a peaceful sleep: all this Manhattan, among the most appreciated proposals Doimo Cityline. Padded and upholstered in leather, ready to conquer all
A proposal for those who always chooses the quality, even when it's time to rest. An elegant bed, refined, which revives the tradition of Italian and classical upholstery master upholsterers.
An easy read, versatile, intelligent. And even sympathetic. Its distinctive feature the headboard made of two different materials and structured so as to increase the level of versatility.
The more refined design wraps the form of Paris, the bed consists of a single padded and curved floor. Comfort 100 # 37 for a proposal to satisfy even those with the most discerning tastes.
A unique and innovative design for a bed that assertive, combining perfectly with the aesthetic value the importance of comfort and quality. The bed Tender a prestigious choice.