Chests and nightstands

Com and bedside tables, storage furniture for the bedroom

The com and bedside tables in the bedroom are the storage units that complement the bed group. Very useful for settling the clothing closet and linen, but also personal and precious objects that we want to keep in perfect order. They can be chosen matched to the bed, in the same style or finish, or in contrast, to make a com caratterizzante.I piece and Doimo Cityline bedside tables, fitted with large drawers and realized finishes and trendy colors. You can choose them in horizontal or vertical, according to the space available and so that integrate harmoniously nellarredo of your bedroom. In the drawers you can store mallet and shirts, but also the accessories of the wardrobe or linen, for a tidy and hidden, dust us that perhaps no place in the closet.
Nightstands, com and tallboys Citylife Vega: a colorful collection, modern and functional. The ideal way to furnish the bedroom and the bedroom with style but without neglecting the daily needs.
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Citylife bedside Kendo: a collection able to meet all tastes and value different environments: the bedroom, but also the living room. A versatility enhanced by the wide color palette.
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Nightstands, com and tallboys Citylife Master and Alfa: a range designed for young rooms, for lovers of style that does not neglect the practicality and prefer simple systems. Customizable measures.
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Nightstands, com and tallboys Citylife Apollo: a modern collection with a wide choice of colors and customizable measures. ideal for the bedroom but also for children's rooms.