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#Activemood home

You're at the bottom of a free spirit. The movement your main feature. Do you like your outdoor activity, and if it were up to you, the windows would be more wide open! Your house? Practical and dynamic without sacrificing design. Ami intelligent, modular solutions but at an affordable cost. The sovereign functions, to ban unnecessary items!

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#Ecotrendy home

Creative and unconventional. That's your nature. Your home has a very personal style because you know mix found objects with pieces of modern furniture and trendy. A sensitivity green guide all your choices, colors dallaccostamento, reminiscent of nature, the wealth of plants, beautiful and always green!

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#Urbanchic home

Your personality simply and instinctively refined. Your home embodies the new classic, but reinterpreted according to a metropolitan feel. Each object chosen with care and attention, even sought after souvenirs of your travels frequently found the right space. Timeless and dallatmosfera cozy in your house reigns superior and calm serenity.

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