A couple #Classicway

It took only a glance to be clear: yes, there is still room for a new life...

John continues to monitor the surface of the bed. The linen, the lightweight beachwear. Little more. Laura is still in a bathrobe. In a little 'he will dress wearing a pair of white cotton shorts, light and a red tank top. It is the first summer, for 18 years, who will leave for the beach house without Matt and Lisa and although both pretend nothing inside of them there is a strange feeling that they can not or may not want to, decipher. Curious by an advocate and a psychologist, that the emotions of others are used to recognize and decipher them. Probably they know that what they are feeling is a mixture of insecurity, apprehension and fear. The two brothers went to London, a learning vacation with other friends to learn English, entered in one of the most serious and well-known organizations in this area. John tries to rationalize and remember when he, as a young graduate had gone to Paris for the French. He knows that it is more risky to cover 10 km of the Adriatic road that use the London Underground but the concern is still there, in the background.

In the morning had come down in the garage and had been watching wistfully the canoe to two places that this year would not have brought it with him, as only Mattia shared this passion with him, and the same when, going into the house, he noticed diving equipment backed into a corner. Laura instead was thinking about the fact that Lisa would no longer shared with her the afternoon readings and would miss the exchange of opinions on the books they were reading. Both would miss the dinners under the pergola, surrounded by candles with citronella, while from a distance you could see the lights of the buoys indicating the sea roads. The silence itself was for them a difficult news to handle, it had never happened that the preparation of the holiday had been so quiet.

"Sorry," said John bumping involuntarily Laura as she tried to leave the room.

"It does not matter, does not matter," she said, as she ran the doors of the large cabinet that dominated the room. Laura liked to stop and look at their own clothes to choose what to put. She liked the order of those shelves and those drawers. The relaxed.

"What's Laura? It is a bit 'I do not speak "

"Not even you John, I could ask you the same"

"I do not know, perhaps I miss the boys ..."

"Do you miss?"

"Did I miss is not correct, maybe I was not ready for their absence, and now I'm a little 'crowded out"

"Yeah ..."

He just said she sat on the bed, holding a white hat with a large brim that she used to lead to the sea. He sat beside her and lifted his heels on the edge of the upholstered bed, coming up with his knees almost to his chin. He put his hand around her neck and was a bit 'so, in silence. After a while ', she began to smile, and he felt that even slight movement and he could not help but ask her why she was now happy.

"Do you remember last year, when, under the porch to the sea, we were just me and you held my hand? At some point came the friends of Matthias and Lisa and we both disconnected abruptly, embarrassed. "

"Yes, si..ricordo well," he said, starting to smile.

"I was thinking at that moment.

This year, you will hold my hand all the time you want.

We will stay at home, when it's too hot, I will read sitting on the white couch, while you will rest her head on my legs.

There will be no TV Matthias or Lisa friends.

There will be no lunches without end.

We'll miss the guys, but we might find us ... "

He said nothing, looked at her, turning her head parallel to the floor, smiled even more than what he was doing and began to remember the beginning of a famous poem by Kahlil Gibran, read years ago in a book given by their children :

"Your children are not your children ... they are the sons and daughters of the same force of Life.

born through you but not from you.

They dwell with you, but do not belong to you ... "

Thinking about those verses, he stood Laura took her in his arms and shook, as long, does not happen to them to do. They understood, heard, that in the spaces left by the children, would find themselves as a couple, as lovers, accomplices.