Leo & Sarah types #Activemood

Leonardo and Sara, at last "two hearts and a hut"! Passions in common, projects to be undertaken, friends to meet... and life ahead.

Now I can say for sure. Our life has really changed that night two months ago, even a month and 22 days ago, 52 days ago, to be exact. The numbers are important, the measures are important. Hi, my name is Leonardo I am 31 years old, and work as renderista in an architectural firm, Leonardo are 8 letters, but if you want we can make it short, just call me Leo. Three, the perfect number. They say. But I do not like the odd, I've always preferred the even numbers, maybe that's why I care to our couple. Me and Sara, 4 letters, have been married for over a year, 13 months in which everything is doubled. His friends became my, its festivals as well, and so the travel and everything else. It also doubled the wedding on Saturday at the restaurant with relatives, Sundays at home with friends. All of the friends. We live in Testaccio, a district of Rome, where everyone knows everyone else. No guy or Dick invitations. If the window is open, then it is also open the door. The apartment we call it the Micro, as a joke, if you want to star off you go to the Macro, the contemporary art museum is around the corner. In short, the house is not big, but there is always room. If the sofa could speak perhaps would not agree, but in the end if you ever got along great. It is an appetizer, a pizza, with the boys of soccer, the colleagues of Sara, even some loyal customers work. This weekends. During the week, however, we like to stay calm. We need to decompress. Sara works in a pharmacy and in the evening when he comes home, has already done the load of stories. There is the old woman who returns three times in the same day to take medicine for Alzheimer's, and there's the guy who does not buy anything, but is there every day talking about his bad luck. Are so-called regulars and pass me the joke, I think are bad regulars. But Sara sees it differently, she is kind and has a smile for everyone. It's an amazing girl, is not a coincidence that I married her. We've known each other since we were kids. Together, we have become large, an inseparable pair. The wedding was the culmination, a way of saying here we are, it's all true. In these years I have never thought of another, never a doubt, she's all, I do not need another. And it has always been mutual. We are young, happy and surrounded by precious friends.

What to ask more from life? Eh, what ?? !!

In the months after the wedding this question echoes in my head several times, but above all begins to make space in the head of Sara. Getting stronger. I can tell by some of his silences, from distracted air that I had never seen before on his face, as if a veil, even when we make love. So, one day, I go straight to the point: "Sara, and if we make a baby?". Wriggling her: "We're so well, or not?". "What do you mean?". "What I said. Maybe there are things we do not want to give up now. "

A short, laconic and especially unconvincing. The truth is that "we do not give up" has all the flavor of a "I know you do not want to give up." It has the flavor of a preventive withdrawal for fear of rejection. I do not I never expressed openly on the subject, but in the end what is the need? Franco and Valeria have a child for a year and have disappeared from circulation. On several occasions I have had my say, you can not change that. Sara disagrees. We clash. Here, what happened. Speaking of others, we have already understood us. About what we want. I'm the one of even numbers, that she secretly convinced that there is no two without three. But I say it in my face, challenging me to prefer Risk placing its tanks around some dangerous matters, as well, to see how I react. The crucial battle is approaching. It is only a matter of days. I understand a Sunday, at lunch, when he says to me ... "Hey Leo ... and if we took a cat?". Ah, the topic Cat. Also known as FS, the Feline Replacement. Yes, it is useless to pretend that you do nothing, you know perfectly well what I'm talking about. It is a classic, a tricky move, in front of which the only answer is sparigliare cards: "A cat no. It's lazy and treacherous. Why not ... a dog? ". And her "A dog here in Micro? But would it? ". 1 to 1 ball in the center, takes up the game at the Olimpico. But the game, in the days following, you boring. The argument is buried. Frozen waiting for some unexpected occurrence. And as for surprises, what will happen a little later it will sweep away any gameplan. I am referring to that famous evening of 52 days ago. That's what happens. I thought about it for a long time. I thought about it for days. After all this is right, I love Sara. We must do something and do it now. It's Wednesday and I decided to play the advance. I climb the stairs to the third shot. With my left hand I cling to the handrail. I hold firmly with your right a red and white fur ball. It is time to break the symmetry of the pair. Even against myself. There's no two without three. Yes, a cat. Substitute a real Felino. Just open the front door, a beastly pain, ball of fur I plant the nails in the flesh, as only a cat can do when a dog sniffs .... Yes, Sara is in front of me, holding a thing, small, black, wagging. We look at for a long long minute. Speechless.

It happened. And there is not much to add. Apart reckon. We are four and now we have a big problem like a house. I lose a beat, "in our case is a micro-problem." And Sarah laughing and saying: "Now we're even." And I laugh and cry. Then we no longer talk. Let's make Love. While the two so scuffle behind the door.

And now we find out that in seven months, to be precise 219 days, more day day less, we'll be back even.