Complements furniture

Furnishing: the style in detail

Rounding larredo for the bedroom, as well as modular systems, there are furniture accessories, indispensable to better organize games and personal objects and to ensure the room a perfect order. The Doimo Cityline furniture offer young accessories for play, fun, study, personal passions. From ottomans to chairs, games door mirrors, to the shelves, the libraries and the desks accompanied by trendy sedie.Soluzioni comfortable that squeeze the eye to the needs of everyone and meet the tastes of young and old, to take care of every detail the room in which our children will spend the important years of their growth.
accessories for children's rooms
The decor of a room not only given from furniture and accessories; Also accessories play a major role. The Doimo Cityline for children rooms accessories add a touch of glamor to the junior space, which personalizes the furniture with materials, shapes and trendy colors.
On what principles darredo choose accessories for children's rooms? Simple: the principles of functionality and imagination. The choice of accessories becomes, thus, the most fun time. Proposals for Doimo Cityline are the result of a specific quality and a modern taste.
The poufs are children of modern times. Fruit of a creativity that casts eye allestetica. It complements characterized by particular forms and a soul versatile. The proposed Doimo Cityline focuses on color, on the comfort and quality of materials. And the ottoman become to suit any environment.
The mirrors are set without a doubt among the most elegant and original furniture made by Doimo Cityline. The simple premise: the mirrors are not a simple reflective surface but play a fundamental role in decorating the environment. And, in particular, the walls.
container beds
In modern apartments the space looks really never be enough. And it is especially true for children's rooms, in which the objects seem to multiply the square footage and instead often reduced. The Doimo Cityline containers are accessories that solve the problem. Elegantly.
The cushions customize the environment. There are those stripes, those with diamonds, those from the most diverse fantasies. C also to care for the most romantic and one made of pink hair for those who transgress at least a little. The pillows Doimo Cityline: many proposals, quality assurance with regard to the materials.
It looks like a game but I do not. In the sense that the Doimo Cityline armchairs bring to mind those miniature environments created for children who like to step into the shoes of the greats. But no: these are real furnishing accessories. Because even small you want maximum comfort.
The lamps are darredo complements indispensable in every home and in all environments, especially in the bedroom of boys. Doimo Cityline offers desktop models and with clamps, which can be placed anywhere and everywhere represent added value in terms of elegance and practicality.
Clothes hangers
Doimo Cityline pays attention to darredo complements, in the awareness of how much value they can make in defining the look of a house. The hangers are made according to contemporary design trends, and with the aim of offering maximum practicality and versatility.
The walls become protagonists with Doimo Cityline shelves: darredo complements characterized by modern design and a high rate of functionality. In the bedroom, in the living room and other rooms of the house: the Doimo Cityline shelves are placed everywhere. In the best way.
Among the furnishings designed and proposed by Doimo Cityline also include desks for the bedrooms of children. Solutions born from unattenta analysis of customer needs and the desire to express the best of the value of design. They take up little space, ensure maximum functionality.
The new catalog Doimo Cityline concerning darredo complements also includes tables for the living and the living area. They are simple structures and at the same time elegant and elaborate, designed to accommodate as many people as possible without becoming bulky.
Wide and varied the proposal of Doimo Cityline as regards the chairs. Think for children's rooms, but not only. Eclectic and original, very recognizable. A design in line with the most modern trends in the element common to all, accompanied by a concrete quality yield.