The mirrors of Doimo Cityline, complements with unusual and original forms. Result of a great creativity that always manages to broaden the horizons of design. Because design not only does not affect the functionality, but it joins. Thus, the mirrors are placed anywhere in the house: in the bedroom, in the bedroom of boys, in the living area. Nellingresso. In the bathroom, too. Fulfilling their primary function and at the same time representing an added value in terms of aesthetics and imagination. They can be hung on the wall, maybe next to a hanger; or resting on a shelf. They can be used alone or in pairs, thus creating even more intriguing effects. In all cases, they know well expand the space and to expand the volumes, giving a feeling of great brightness. The mirrors are ancient objects as timeless. Which, thanks to modern taste, they are renewed and they know more and confirm all their charm.
The mirror becomes an expression of the most modern and original design thanks to Ray, the proposed Doimo Cityline. Two mirrors Wall designed for ...