Anna, a #Urbanchic mood

A woman and her daughter. The sharing of gestures and feelings. Complicity feminine...

"Anna as are so many / Anna touchy / Anna look beautiful look at that every day loses something If she closes her eyes she knows / suburban Star Anna with her friends / Anna that would leave "

To tell the truth, Anna had never felt offended, do not even think of having a particularly beautiful look, but the travel was the thing he loved most. Thus more and he listened with pleasure the song by Lucio Dalla, leaving out things she did not like, and keeping those that felt right for her. As in that November afternoon, he is sitting on the couch of his home, the music from the stereo, a cup of tea in her hands and Sofia, sad, crying a crying inconsolably. "Come on, do not do that, even though Louise never invited you to her birthday does not matter, it means that Saturday we'll go around to shop. Will he? "The little girl looked up and his eyes swollen with tears said," Yes .... "But began to cry soon after, again hiding his head in a pillow which, ironically, had designed a birthday cake. "Sophia ... Sophia ... maybe it's just forgot to give you the ticket ..." "No, Mom," he interrupted immediately "was under the counter of all those who were invited, and under my not there" and down again, to cry. Anna knew that a girl of 8 years, with that kind of disappointment, you can not say many things. He could not fill his world with the necessary positive and there would be such a powerful rubber can erase the sadness. But he had groped something. At that moment, the clouds parted a little, and the room began to enter more and more light, making it almost live objects that filled with personality and privacy. They began to come alive especially the backs of the books that had been placed in a large library opposite the large windows. Suddenly the lights, got up, took a book of recipes to do with the kids and taking cover in sight, which reported a girl with a chef's hat full of chocolate and flour everywhere, he asked: "Do you want?" For a moment, the eyes of his daughter is freed from the veil of sadness and then take it back right away but the affirmative movement of the head confirmed that cooking was the right choice. They sat down at the wooden kitchen table, one of the pieces that Anna, during the renovation of his apartment, he wanted to keep. He loved the marks on the floor, telling the stories that did not know but felt life in them. It is often discovered to touch them without reason as now that touched them with his fingers as he thumbed through the book of recipes. "The Cup Cake! The Cup Cake! "Shouted Sofia and Anna returned from the trip that the table had given her. "All right, Sophia, we make the Cup Cake!" The kitchen was transformed, almost looking like a Luna Park. The flour flying around the room, chocolate on his hands and clothes, flowers and sugar paste decorations. Everything was colorful, alive. The doors and drawers were opened to the music that filled the house and who was singing mother and daughter. In the evening, the treats were there on the table, ready, hot, aligned. Sofia instead had fallen asleep on the couch, exhausted and still, however, a bit 'sad for her birthday. It was the moment of silence, what Anna preferred because even the city rested and the hectic noise of everyday were being gradually diminishing leaving more room for his thoughts. He turned off all the lights, sat down in the chair by placing his feet on the coffee table and leaving the head on the high backrest. The windows came the pleasant light of the full moon that illuminated books, the big wooden table and cupboard with jars purchased during frequent business trips to Europe. All items spoke of his tastes, his passions, and she listened to them in silence. After a bit 'of time, which in this case liked to call the "decompression", stood up, picked up Sophia and brought her to his room, where a padded bed full of pillows and plush waiting for her. Every time I looked at him could think that they had chosen the whole system, for the days when stayed with her, because it reminded them the bed of a princess. The night passed quietly, Sofia was so tired I do not even called for his usual nightly glass of water.

The next morning, after a breakfast bread and jam made from them in the country house of the grandparents, Anna took her to school with his Smart and distract her from the radio he selected the folder with the songs Zecchino d'Oro the years 70, only to sing along, off-key but happy. At noon, while he was waiting in the car, he saw Sophia correrle meeting, beaming, waving a colored cardboard. "Mom! Mom! The call! "Shouted just open the door ..." Yesterday, by mistake, Luisa had put him under the bench Marco who sits next to me and he was not in school due to illness. This morning, just arrived in the classroom he found it and gave it to me! "And it was at that precise moment that Anna, after believing she had lost him forever, he found the meaning of the word happiness.