#Easylife friends


"I think we would need a new library."

"You say Enzo? However, a solution could also be that you stopped buying almost a book a day .... "

"My dear cousin, tell Roberto, and I quote - I could not leave my collection of Dylan Dog in Locorotondo - So now we have 347 numbers here, not to mention the special and color reprints ..."

"But I only brought those!"

"Not really," was the turn of Mark "there are also tourist guides out of print that you brought home by the agency."

"Well, how much will they be? 15 ... 20 at the most. "

"38," Enzo said that, among the four, was closer to the numbers and ran it all the expenses of the apartment in Via Vigevano, near the Porta Genova station. It was also the oldest and had been the first to arrive in Milan as a student, then "repented" of Business and Economics. Antonio, his cousin had followed just after college to work in the offices of a large tour operator and had ended up bringing with it even Roberto, Puglia, known at the "Orientale" of Naples. Finally he arrived Marco, the youngest, nicknamed "the ghost" to joke about his being Molise. She had answered an ad that said "We are in three but the apartment is for four. See you ", and now was there, too, student enrolled in the graduate program in International and European Institutions, in his pocket with the dream of working in some non-governmental organization around the world.

"Long least two meters and fifty," said Enzo, who by now had decided to purchase.

"But since we do not have a free wall, where you had thought of putting?" She asked Antonio.

"Well, in the hall you could remove the two pictures on the wall opposite the window and then ..."

"I'm sorry? Remove the posters? Remove the original poster MY 70s Barry Lyndon? You do not know that there's a curse on this house so if you take it any girl will tell you more so for at least ten years? "

Antonio was not a film expert but woe to touch Barry Lyndon, a film he had seen dozens and dozens of times and it forced her to see to other at least three times a year.

"We could move it, put it in the hallway. Mica I told him to put it in the street! "

"We put in the hallway even the original design Roi? What to buy it I gave up to come to London with you last winter? Well no, in the hallway there is amiss. The Dylan Dog are in the room and there also remains him. "

Corrado Roi was one of the drafters the investigator of the nightmare, the most evocative and it was also the favorite of Roberto and really had declined to go to London to buy the original china. Mark had not said anything but he was the youngest and had not brought virtually nothing from home, only a few books, including "Four Friends" by Trueba, his favorite novel, and that had seemed perfect for the situation that would have found . He had also insisted on hanging at the entrance to one of the book quote: "Friendship is a presence that does not prevent you feel alone, but it makes the journey lighter." Others seemed a bit 'from the Book Heart but they could not always say no just because he was the smallest and the newest. At one point, Enzo, as always happened during all the discussions that concerned the purchase of furniture or their arrangement, he got up and took the subway, pulling it out of the classic kitchen drawer where there is always everything from ticket of 'two years ago ATM, advanced assembly screws from the last, up to the batteries that are there because, sooner or later, we will bring where they recycle.

"Metro-time!" Cried Antonio.

"Metro-time!" Echoed the other two.

"Stupid," Enzo said with a laugh while measuring the two panels to be moved and the wall where he had decided, however, to put the library. After a while 'declared: "So, Barry Lyndon we put it on the wall in front than where it is now; I saw that moving a bit 'of the concert poster of Prodigy is there. The Roi design, however, we put it next to the new library that we will do a little 'shorter. Can go well? "The others looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders as a sign of acceptance. It seemed all settled but then Mark made the wrong question.

"What color we take it?"

Just finished the sentence Antonio dropped his head on the table, resting his forehead and remaining motionless while Roberto was fighting his left forearm with his index and middle fingers of the right hand together. The last time they had discussed a color in that apartment, had been for the kitchen and Enzo, who worked in a furniture store, had brought home a sample with fifty colors for the doors, ten in the structure and winds variations to the work plan. Immediately the other three had said they would accept without problems his choices but Enzo said that the color was too important to the harmony of living and that it was a decision, and which should be taken together, and the explanation of the different colors and materials it lasted from Saturday morning until Sunday evening when, however, he was picked what he had decided. But this time, Enzo surprised them all by saying, "Well, is not that important to the color, then so much the structure will disappear when put books. only visible remain the front edges that I thought to do very thin. What do you say? "

He went down the ice, the other three began to look nodding almost imperceptibly for fear of answering the wrong way and give the interior designer with home the cue for yet another lecture on contemporary design. Marco, in an effort to retrieve the situation created after the question "wrong," replied instead convinced:

"Perfect, you choose a color, then that's fine with us. Well, we do for dinner? I call the Chinese? The Indian? I had ... "

He arrived, feared, the Enzo clarification:

"But the material is imporant, we should choose the least. I here just two pages of company that we just took in the store "

He got up and took from his work shoulder two thin contentitori with different samples and put them on the table:

"There are 35 different materials, I would start from these wood-based ..."

The other three now they fasten it with a mixed look of resignation and pain and already you could see the prisoners that apartment for the next two days.

"... while these are metal-based ..."

After five minutes and two other series of variants stopped talking, he looked up and started to laugh. The others looked at each other without understanding what was going on until the "boss" of the apartment began to speak again:

"... come on, I'm kidding, I will not do like that time in the kitchen. I choose, but if I have to choose this, even choose what to eat tonight. Call well as the Indian ... "

Antonio, Marco and Roberto they did not even finish. They jumped up and jumped on him to Enzo, knocking him on the couch to bury it under an endless series of friendly punches and slaps. The way in which more or less finiviano, almost all discussions of that home.