Not only wood but also materials such as aluminum and glass: the tables by Doimo Cityline link on the textured compositions to ensure solidity, class and comfort. Not only. These accessories are also the result of its awareness allimportanza good organize spaces in modern homes; spaces that often could be insufficient and require sacrifices in terms of style. Instead it does not happen and the credit goes to extensive stretching mechanisms to accommodate 8 people and more. Once the lunch or dinner, with the same ease and speed the table closes. The lines are slender, essential, able to adapt both to the modern style than to the more classic. A versatility which is also enhanced by the wide range of colors to be put Doimo Cityline available to customers. The extension tables are the key to better enjoy the dynamism of modern times, without sacrificing anything.
extension table
For the living area Doimo Cityline proposes the Secret table, which combines the desire for modernity with lesigenza to make warm and comfortable ...
extension table
The small space is no longer a problem thanks to the extendable table Calipso by Doimo Cityline. With a few movements the surface extends eleleganza ...