Furniture complements


The choice of darredo accessories for the bedroom must be guided first of all by the creative freedom. Meaning they do not see any particular link, you do not have to abide by the rules and do not need either the precise match with the furniture. You can dare, you can do a little daring combinations: limportante that the end result appears harmonious and fun. Proposals for Doimo Cityline have two peculiarities. They are very pleasing from the aesthetic point of view and based on the need of an immediate concreteness. The example par excellence given by the design portagiochi: his undoubtedly charismatic aspect is coupled with a function which, in the rooms of children, c always need. It allows you to tidy up without any effort. The darredo complements, in the bedroom, are presences that become indispensable. Like all products targati Doimo Cityline, these are guaranteed for ten years. About the quality of the materials.
New entry into the house Doimo Cityline, the portagiochi Dumbo adds joy and functionality to the bedroom from the kids. An accessory attractive ...