The beds with container provides modern and practical space-saving solutions. And, for this reason, it appears more and more popular in the bedrooms of the boys. Regardless of the style chosen for the decor. Doimo Cityline has studied and developed solutions that result in a maximum practicality and simplicity of use: a few movements and the container ready for use. Often it is a chest of drawers equipped with wheels which opens frontally and offers all its capacity, and then closes with great discretion. They can use the same guys, without effort and without fear to do some damage. Thus, the container becomes guardian of bedding, sleepwear using the following season, a whole range of objects that you want to have always at hand. young and fresh lines for those products that show every day their solidity elelevata quality of the materials with which they were made.
container bed
Citynews 139's rooms created by Doimo Cityline for guys who like strong colors and have fun customizing the environment. The container bed without ...