children chair

  • children chair
  • children chair

Armchairs for Tata and Gemma children

Tata chairs and Gemma with removable fabric for the bedroom. The modern and attractive design, the living and warm colors. A seating system that is also a guarantee as regards safety. A classic proposal and at the same time innovative. The children can sit, climb, even his feet on the pillow without running any risk. Because they, too, deserve the best when it comes to relaxation and leisure.

Comfortable as the big

Play great has never been so fun and so convenient. They are called Tata and Gemma and are the beautiful chairs created by Doimo Citylife for enabling small plus the highest level of well-being. The removable cover allows you to keep them clean without any difficulty, while also taking away the dreaded dust mite. Elegant lines and a nice figure for a product - solid and strong - that give great satisfaction. And that will accompany the kids in the growth.


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