• pouf

pouf Gildo

Pouf mod. Gildo, removable, diameter cm. 80. All ottoman designed by Doimo Cityline are nothing short versatile: great way to relax your legs after a long day, they can also be used as seats and more allow you to enhance the decor and customize it according to the connotation of the various spaces. Gildo perfect in apartments furnished with modern taste but certainly to spread even in the most classic homes.

Color and comfort

The pouf Gildo a solution to fully exploit every corner of the house, therefore, proves faithful ally for those who must deal with limited space. At the same time, also won those who do not have similar problems but simply want a complement that is beautiful and useful. Gildo also like the children, because soft, because it assumes a thousand different forms, and it quickly becomes a fun game tool. The fact that it is removable, in addition, results in easy and quick washes.


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