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Beb little room on board - dream line cot

The child's growth as a journey that begins in the first days of life and continues until the early teens. The bedroom b & b on board, designed to accompany him on this path, dedicating the child a bright space, custom powder in detail and the sky, and made unique by the refined application in embroidered fabric signing the Collection. Beb on board the journey begins!

clear nights

The couch Dream Line Doimo Cityline solid wood and comes complete network, removable tray and four detachable wheels. White with application Powder or Heaven. Measures 130x107x72 cm. The textile kit including bumpers, pillow and duvet cover with cotton wool insert. Finishes: Black and Powder or Black and Heaven. The from 60x120 cm polyurethane foam mattress, durable, stress-resistant and breathable; is prevented, therefore, the colonization of mites and molds. And the child spends clear nights.


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