Children's Rooms

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Bedroom for boys Doimo CityLine composition New 138

The composition provides 138 NEW: single bed Montreal 2 with integrated side library and legs Rodeo and Montreal 3 bedroom with built-in library door and push-pull, a Lotus 90 cm and a bedside table Lotus 120 cm, Foster wall panels lean on earth, five libraries Tab, a 90-cm element Club with doors, a Club member with drawers push-pull, a desk suspended Jupiter, two wall shelves, a chair Lucky green.

Irony and practicality

The bedroom has New unimmagine joyful but at the same time guarantees maximum functionality. The children's room is transformed into a space where the game live and study in an integrated and intelligent manner. Each element in the composition of details: from Foster wall panels placed on the floor that serve as bedside tables the outstanding writing Jupiter and the Montreal bed with storage units for books and notebooks. And there is also a surprise: lanta opening of the bed is a useful hiding place for storing special items and invent new games with your friends!


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