Children's Rooms

  • room boys

Bedroom for boys Doimo CityLine composition New 143

The composition provides 143 NEW: single bed Montreal 4 with built-in library, two bedside tables Lotus 60 cm, hanging bookcase Over three compartments and three doors push-pull, a desk suspended Ibiza with shelf, a hanging Club, a library Tab , a padded chair Joy in anthracite fabric, two Oslo ottoman in faux leather yellow and brown.

Special atmospheres

In room 143 NEW Doimo, the protagonists are the libraries. That characterize the personality, becoming perfect synthesis of functionality and aesthetics. They are designed to contain and keep the room always tidy; complement the decor but they are not at all bulky. Libraries can be formed from modular elements in height and in length. You can support them, suspend them on the wall, use them as bedside, equip them with doors or assign to them a bed frame function.


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