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Cloud accessory for bedroom

Cloud a beautiful and functional accessory, made of MDF with 1.2 cm thickness available in over 20 different lacquered colors. The small panels shaped cloud can be applied directly to the wall as decoration or as a headboard for a bed or box spring cloud can also be applied to the front of a shelf, creating a space behind it for books, toys, lamps, to give a touch of originality and design of the room.

On the wings of fantasy

Having your head in the clouds? Why not. Basically simple: just apply Citylife own the cloud, where sleeps the little baby. And a colorful accessory, cheerful, even useful. It makes the atmosphere more welcoming and family and can be a starting point of infinite games and endless fantasies. And speaking of fantasy, the great: why cloud becomes the star of so many different combinations are also causing them. It moves, you attack, you put, you take off. And the result, in any case, puts in a good mood. Seeing is believing.


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