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Armchair for Star Children

It's called Star and the reason soon explained: this armchair was designed precisely for the most demanding children. For children who, despite the few years of life, already have a very strong sense of glamor and a weakness (perhaps unconscious) for the latest trends. Small budding fashionistas, destined for a glittering future. They sit down on their own chair, which is placed in the bedroom but is transported without any effort in other areas of the house.

Small but determined

And small but with great personality to the Star chair by Doimo Citylife, characterized by lines that catalyze attention and know that fuse the traditional features with more contemporary taste. It looks really an armchair for large in miniature, but at the same time a product designed to the smallest detail for using by children. Durable, comfortable, extremely convenient, Star also helps maintain proper posture: why in questet more important than ever.


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