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The living room needs something that increases the degree of comfort and give a special touch allarredo? The nursery must be completed so that it is even more welcoming? Faced with such situations, the ottoman Doimo Link is undoubtedly a valid response. It has an online form with the latest trends and a heart that beats to give maximum comfort. The children will love that, the big start to desire it. And, in the end, only one non-baster more.

Lovely practical &

The tissue that surrounds the pouf completely removable links, takes off and washes with extreme ease: great value for a complement that is used every day by the whole family and in different ways. And a footrest, a seat for guests and not just a supporting surface for newspapers, magazines, frequently used items. And also incredibly comfortable. If one adds to the aesthetic factor, or an original form and ultra modern, then it will be impossible not to want in their own home.


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