One #Classicway style

A clear view of things. In the tradition, the values u200bu200bdo not change.

Traditional values u200bu200bare the foundation of who follows a #classicway style. It made the lives of so many small actions performed each day with care and dedication. A perfect routine scans the daily life of the person #classicway. The most beautiful moments of the day are those spent with the family, lunch, and dinner. All sitting together at the table, a table always beautifully served! The warm and cozy home. The old family furniture coexist with simplicity and naturalness with new purchases. Special care for the complements: nice curtains, silver frames, flower vases. The family home par excellence! About #classicway has no doubts either in terms of culture: a theater to see the great classics Shakespeare or Pirandello and at least once per year even opera. Same clarity for trips out of town: summer holidays in the same beloved beach and cultural tour in the most important artistic city.