Citylife # 22 library

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Citylife 22 library

The team of architects and designers Doimo Cityline always looking for solutions that fully meet customer requirements. The double-sided bookcase Citylife 22 one of the many confirmations: composed of elements Over, divides the space with elegance and functionality.

The spaces are divided

The double-sided bookcase Citylife perfect 22 for dividing the space of the living area and open space or, conversely, to create well-defined areas in smaller environments. An idea? On the one hand the sofa, armchairs, we need to relax alone or with friends; the other part, the table with chairs. And in the midst of this product whose shapes are sculpted from the most refined design. C placed on the shelves for books and a series of elegant decorations: ornaments, plants, everything that you love most.


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