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Extremely functional, this proposal darredamento combines color games and containers with doors and flap doors, the columns, creating a harmony given by the design of the spaces. Being a modular composition, you can realize to measure starting from the modules 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 cm. This composition feasible in over 30 paint colors and 18 melamine colors.

Disegn & freedom

Nine heights, five widths and three depths for this wall system based on the Over sullabbinamento program and with the elements of Time program with folding structure, which fit with maximum freedom of creating customized alternations of solids and voids, recesses and protrusions and alignments. The photo composition has a length of 482.8 cm. Four chosen colors: amber, white, lime green and graphite. the combined use with a perfect sofa or other furniture - dove gray.


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