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Mobile modern living Citylife # 31

Decorate the walls of the living integrating together the modular programs Over, Wind, Time and Fast and create allunico Citylife system with which to create the solution most suited to the taste and needs personali.In photo composition Citylife # 31, 497.8 cm wide, matching the colors white, mud and eggplant. For an environment elegant and relaxed living dallatmosfera. To personalize your stay, available unampia range of materials and finishes, ranging from 30 to 30 lacquered smooth lacquered colors of matter, up to 13 variations of smooth faced, and 5 variants of melamine textural.

Elegance and practicality

Darredo a versatile solution, which integrates with the most different styles: from minimal to modern-shabby passing through the classic taste. The wall system Citylife # 31 offers maximum practicality and at the same time is at the service of daily needs accepting books, ornaments, lamps, documents and also providing space for safekeeping of us that do not want to expose. split-level, protrusions and recesses add unulteriore touch of creativity: Always a pleasure to customize. Also with regard to the colors.


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