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Mobile modern living Citylife 41

Mobile modern living Citylife # 41 decorates the living with a complex composition that combines a mobile container and a base in the ground with closed doors, to store the domestic dellentertainment equipment, to open elements, to expose ornaments and sort your books. Practical support allows you to hang the TV to the panel. With Over elements you can create rich compositions that combine different volumes. The forward bases have a depth of 57.6 cm.

refined volumes

Over, a stylish and capacious cabinet. Which also houses the more voluminous books and at the same time the support base for the TV and other objects. The depth can be different and all customizable, structure always available in melamine or in lacquer colors, drawers and drawers are equipped with soft closing. And again, choice of handles for doors, hinged or flap. The push-pull system can be integrated at will, in melamine or lacquered, smooth or material.


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