Mobile modern entrance

  • Mobile modern entrance

Mobile modern entrance Citylife 27

This composition called Random is characterized by the thickness of 2.8 cm outer frame that serves as a container for the game space that is created inside of any combination of various elements in open or closed with the fore of the desired colors. Ideal as a cupboard, as an input, as a divider between two rooms and gives a strong personality to our stay.

An elegant wall

Width of 120 cm, equal to 170.4 cm height: are the main measures of Citylife # 27, the combination of structure called Random and elements that make up the Time program. Ideal as a mobile dingresso, it gives allambiente sophistication and at the same time discreetly contains all the everyday items. Showing and hiding as needed. In a large living room, a couple or a trio of Random are perfect placement. And the variety of colors lets you create sophisticated games crom