Air travelers

air travelers

Observe the world from a different perspective one of the most exciting experiences. Like a cradle, the sweet course of ballooning can observe limmensit earth and Sergio even inspired to photograph so much beauty.
The first flight can bring people back to October 19, 1783 in the city of Paris. It was a ball created in Annonay by Joseph-Michel and Jacques-tienne Montgolfier. Bound to the ground was using hot air to fly (now the balloons using a gas derived from combustion of propane). The first free flight instead came a month later namely 21 November. In Italy there are many events linked to the balloon, the more famous the Ferrara Balloons Festival in September which attracts the Estense city more than 120,000 people, giving the opportunity to visitors (by appointment ) hot air balloon to fly over the historic center of Ferrara and the mouths of the Po Delta.