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Accessory pockets for bedroom Kelly

Doimo Cityline always pays great attention to the children's bedrooms. The goal to make sure that they become more comfortable and solar, cheerful, even with the aid of small accessories. Like Kelly pockets, an exclusive offer designed for kids who like to organize themselves but also for the most lazy. An example? You can stick on the bed, putting all the objects that accompany toward sleep. And so you will not need to get up to take them, in case of forgetfulness!

Beautiful and practical

And it must be said: the Kelly pockets are beautiful and practical. They look a bit vintage, are romantic, can conquer all the girls. And they really contain a thousand things. They take off and bring you with ease, their space everywhere: not only near the bed, but also on the back of a chair or on a shelf. If they fall, they get dirty if it does nothing. With a gentle wash, the pockets Kelly back to life. And if the need arises, you can wear. There are limits, lWe have already said?


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