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Modern library Citylife 23

The library they all dream: you can place at will the various elements and combine them using different colors for personalized spaces. You can choose the height and the size you want in over 30 lacquered colors. The depth of the library of 25.2 cm photos.

modern library, a matter of style

Perfect for those who love the elegance, yet also require functional elements, the modern library Citylife # 23 wall also customizable: the 360 u200bu200bcm wide, the heights are available 3. Not only that: you can mount vertically, inverted, or flanked, by choosing your favorite combination and that best suits allambiente where you want to place it. And yet, the proposal provides more than 48 different colors, from traditional to those most in line with the latest trends. Why decorate the house also means fielding their creativity, valuing a mobile that goes far beyond the simple task of decorating. The library Citylife lasting and accompanies the daily life in the name of the class.