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Modern library Citylife 33

Over, Wind and Time are combined and integrated programs with each other, to shape compositions to decorate the walls of living according to personal tastes and needs, Wergeland of elegance and functionality. The modern library Citylife # 33 combines the elements of Over, supporting side system with open compartments and to contain elements of different heights, Wind, composed of superimposed horizontal shelves, containers and Time.

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The Modern Library # 33 Citylife caters particularly to the more spacious living rooms and belongs to the shoulder Over the program, whose versatility allows free integration with Time programs, Fast and Fold. The result unintera fitted wall that becomes the protagonist THE ENVIRONMENT in which it is located and a reference point for all daily activities. A piece of furniture for the living area that contains, exposes the most beautiful objects, also hosts the TV without taking up too much space. A multifunctional furniture, whose assembling customized according to individual needs.