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Modern library Citylife 32

Loriginalit an input is also known dallabbinamento of storage units. In this proposal the libraries are coordinated with vertical elements with doors that close the sides and from a support base. Available to the desired extent and in over 30 paint colors and 18 melamine colors at will freely combined.

A large bookcase personality

The bookcase Citylife # 32 ideal for the living area but can find well suitable in a bedroom furnished with minimal and refined taste. The different colors ie taupe, teal mud and allow different compositions, all of great and undisputed personality. In most large venues, a couple of days Citylife libraries # 32 undoubtedly a choice of style. Not a lot of space but at the same time offer so much space: a play on words that well makes the essence of this mobile weblog Citylife. A solid, sturdy piece of furniture that lasts for years; the result of a studied balance between design and containment capacity. A purchase that give satisfaction.