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Double Bed Paris

Paris one of the most popular beds padded products by Doimo Cityline. It is characterized by the suspended headboard, a remarkable aesthetic impact; a frame in leather or textile, completely hidden in the mattress, frames the network of great elegance doghe.Unatmosfera wraps the sleeping area thanks to the Paris bed, characterized by a remarkable aesthetic impact design and at the same time able to ensure maximum convenience. Single, double or a square in half, Paris never disappoints.

The elegance in bed

Clean lines and shapes comfortable for Paris bed Doimo Cityline, whose distinctive appearance is further value thanks to cross-point stitching along the perimeter. Depending on the color of the selected coating, riding stitch sewing it is done in a coordinated. Paris available in single version with mattress 80, 90 or 100 cm; in the version for one and a half with the mattress 120 or 130 cm and the double version with 160 or 180 cm mattress.